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Welcome to Revive Dental! Our $149 new patient special includes an exam, a dental prophylaxis (cleaning), all necessary x-rays, and even a computed tomography (CT) scan. Click the button below to give us a call!

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Dental Implants

Are you tired of missing teeth that cause discomfort while eating or speaking? Dental implants can be the perfect solution for restoring your smile. Learn more about your dental implant options by clicking the link below.

Dental Implants

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Savings Plan

We know payment solutions aren't the same for everyone. That's why we offer uninsured patients an in-house dental plan with savings of 20% on most in-house services. See plan details using the link below.

Revive Dental Savings Plan

Free Second Opinion

If you’re considering any dental procedures, obtaining a second opinion can reduce any concerns you may have. At Revive Dental, we provide a free second opinion to assist you in making an informed decision. We recognize that dental treatments can be intimidating and costly, which is why we aim to ensure that you are comfortable with your treatment plan. Use the button below to call Revive Dental and schedule a consultation.

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Bring Your Smile Back to Life at Revive Dental

At Revive Dental in Firestone, Colorado, we are your go-to for first-class, patient-focused dental treatments. Centrally located, our office is 25 minutes or less from Firestone, Boulder, Loveland, Longmont, and the northern region of Denver. We provide extensive dental services, alongside cutting-edge dental technology, to establish an ideal dental office experience for you and your family.

We recognize that dental appointments aren’t always enjoyable, so we strive to make sure our patients are prioritized in all that we do, to make their visits to our office as trouble-free and straightforward as possible. At Revive Dental, we are devoted to providing quality dental care and a remarkable patient experience with every visit.

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Experience Revive Dental’s state-of-the-art dental facility from the comfort of your own home. Explore our modern treatment rooms equipped with the latest technology and discover how we prioritize your oral health and comfort. Click the button below to begin exploring Revive Dental in Firestone, CO.

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Insurance Providers

At Revive Dental, we strive to make sure you get the dental treatment you need by working with your insurance provider. We are proud to currently offer coverage with various insurance providers, and our knowledgeable staff will take care of the filing and tracking of your claims. To ensure that your insurance information is always up-to-date, we kindly ask that you bring your insurance card to each appointment. If you do not have either of these providers, you can still get the care you need if your current insurance offers out of network benefits.

More Financial Information

Alternative Payment Options

At our dental office, we are committed to ensuring that you can access top-notch dental services without breaking the bank. To this end, we provide a range of financing options to suit every budget. Even if you do not have dental insurance, you can always use one of our third-party payment providers. Rest assured that our goal is to help you receive the care you need at a cost that won’t strain your wallet.

External Payment Plans Revive Dental Savings Plan

High-Level Dental Practices.
Patient-Centric Approach.

At Revive Dental, we believe that modern dental procedures and equipment can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of your smile. We utilize the latest in cosmetic and restorative dentistry to provide our patients with the most up-to-date treatments and technologies available. We are experts in identifying, diagnosing and treating all types of dental issues while always putting your comfort and satisfaction first. Our commitment to excellence and our passion for improving the health and beauty of your smile is what sets us apart.

  • Regular Dental Checkup

    Regular Dental Checkup

    Regular dental checkups are an essential part of keeping a healthy smile. They are an important part of your oral health and something we recommend to all our patients. To ensure optimum oral health, we suggest having checkups done every six months.

    Regular Dental Checkup
  • Emergency Dentistry

    Emergency Dentistry

    Dental emergencies happen, and when they do, we are here for you. We reserve space in our office to ensure we can accommodate your needs quickly, comfortably, and with same-day service.

    Emergency Dentistry
  • Dental Implants

    Dental Implants

    Dental implants are a very reliable source for effective tooth replacement. Whether you have lost one tooth or many, implants can provide a permanent solution that looks and functions normally.

    Dental Implants
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal

    Wisdom Teeth Removal

    Wisdom teeth are the third molars in the very back of your mouth. They don’t always need to be removed, but they can cause problems if they are not growing in properly. We provide advanced state-of-the-art oral surgery and wisdom teeth removal.

    Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • Sedation Dentistry

    Sedation Dentistry

    We use advanced sedation dentistry in a number of our in-house services. Our goal is to ensure you are always comfortable and calm throughout any dental treatment or procedure at our office. Our team will work closely with you to assess your pain and comfort levels to make sure you never experience unnecessary discomfort.

    Sedation Dentistry
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction

    Full Mouth Reconstruction

    Full-mouth reconstruction is a dental procedure that involves rebuilding and/or replacing all of a patient’s teeth in order to improve the function, health, and aesthetics of the mouth. This treatment combines the principles of cosmetic dentistry with the science of restorative dentistry to give the patient a complete, healthy smile.

    Full Mouth Reconstruction

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